Soul Remembering Session

How often have you prayed for clarity? Perhaps you feel you’ve lost your way or are missing essential information that could help you put your life in perspective and make sense of things.

Much of the information that comes to us through shamanic healing reveals how the spirits see us, but soul remembering reveals how we view our own purpose, and for that reason, it is terribly powerful in its ability to empower our healing.

A soul remembering session reveals your soul’s true purpose. This is a powerful and often a profoundly moving session that helps you to make sense of the forces and desires that drive you, and connect you to those spirits that are supporting you on your journey.

What happens in a soul remembering session?

On your behalf, I will journey into the Otherworld, back in time, to meet with your soul in those moments before you were born. I will ask it to see your soul’s true purpose. How that purpose is revealed to me varies, but most often I will be shown a symbol of your purpose here on earth, for this lifetime, although sometimes I’m shown your purpose over many lifetimes.

Soul remembering provides clarity, validation and meaning, and these things can, in turn, fuel confidence and self-empowerment. I see these as essential building blocks for self-healing.

Once I discover your soul purpose, I will return that energy back to your physical body so that you may be empowered with the energy of your purpose.