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Shamanism in ScotlandI’m Kim McLaughlin, a Shamanic Practitioner offering shamanic healing treatments and shamanism courses in Scotland.

Based in North Ayrshire, my goal is to help others reduce stress and anxiety and feel more peaceful and grounded in their lives.

I grew up in Ontario, Canada, and began my own healing journey back in the mid 2000s when I was sick for 12 months and couldn’t work or look after my family. This was the year I was forced to see things differently and embrace my true spiritual nature.

Four years later, I was adopted into a First Nations community through Anishnawbe Health Toronto (AHT.)

The elders explained it to me that, for my Indigenous son to never question the ‘white’ side of him, he needed to witness my full inclusion in The Community, and they worked hard to keep this promise, a gift for which I’ll always be grateful.

The AHT community taught me many things over a seven-year period, but the most important teaching was that we all carry spiritual gifts that are for the healing of our communities.

This teaching is the reason I started CedarLight Healing in 2016.

After my years at AHT, I was inspired to find out about spirituality from my own background.

My mother was born in North Ayrshire (I now live a block from where she was born) and my father is of Scottish and Acadian descent. I spent much time in Scotland growing up and have always been inspired by my people, our native language, our history, and our traditional spiritual ways.

In this phase of my journey, I studied with the late Tira Brandon Evans who taught me the stories of the Celtic-Gaels, stories that hold the secrets of our ancient traditions. I also studied under Daniel Leonard who taught me how to actively use my shamanic healing gifts to empower others.

In the summer of 2020, I moved to my family’s hometown in Scotland, and today I help clients overcome trauma, silence their negative thoughts and manage stress and anxiety through energy balancing treatments, power animal retrievals, soul retrievals, and teaching the powerful art of shamanic journeying.

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