What is a Power Animal Retrieval?

During a power animal retrieval, a shamanic practitioner journeys into the spirit world on your behalf to meet with your power animal.

Once the power animal identifies itself, it will release some its power to the practitioner who will restore that power to you by blowing it into your chest and crown.

Will I feel anything during my power animal retrieval?

Every client is different. Some feel a sense of relaxation while others feel a strong tingling throughout their body as their power is restored to them. How a person reacts to receiving their power animal energy depends on what they’ve gone through, but this is generally a gentle procedure, often ideal for children and as an intro to soul work.

Are there negative side effects to a power animal retrieval? 

When power is returned to a person, it can take time for that power to ground. Oftentimes, in order for the energy to ground,  less healthy energy resulting from old wounds (physical or emotional) must first dissipate from the body. The process of healing old wounds is similar to how we grieve where one first feels fear and anxiety that graduates to tension and anger before finally revealing and releasing the hurt that’s at the base of the wound. Once this hurt is released, the new power will ground and the client will feel renewed and peaceful.

How to prepare for your power animal retrieval?

  • Refrain from drinking alcohol and taking non-prescribed recreational drugs for at least 48 hours before your power animal retrieval appointment.
  • Prior to your appointment, say a prayer asking for your power animal to reveal itself so that it may help you on your life journey.
  • When we’re in the midst of the retrieval, stay present. Even if you have experience with shamanic journeying, you should stay present at all times. This is your chance to relax and think about nothing more complex than your laundry.
  • Within two weeks of your appointment, make an offering to show gratitude and honour your power animal outside, in nature. Depending on your traditions, you may wish to leave healthy (for animals) food at the base of a tree, scatter sacred herbs over the ground, or throw a larger gift of gold or silver into the water, or attend mass.
  • Pay attention to your dreams and to signs both before and after your appointment. This is often a time when we begin to see synchronicity in our lives.
  • Say a prayer of thanks and acknowledgement to your power animal, then take time for quiet reflection. It’s only when we quiet our minds that we are able to receive message from our power animals.