Soul Retrieval Session

Have you ever been in a traumatic situation, only to find yourself watching from the side of the room? Or perhaps you experienced something that left you feeling numb, and years later, that numbness is still with you?


These are classic symptoms of soul loss. Soul loss can occur when we experience something that leaves us feeling powerless. This can be an accident, witnessing or suffering violence, being blindsided by a breakup, firing or death, or even common events like surgery.

First let’s look at the phenomenon of soul loss. It’s natural and healthy for parts of our soul to escape our body temporarily when we’ve suffered trauma; the Spirits say it helps us not to feel the pain of the event. Usually, those soul fragments stay close to us and return to us as we heal, but there are times when an event is so painful (mentally or physically) that those soul fragments don’t return at all.

When soul loss happens, we are often left feeling numb, disassociated, and unable to access our gifts and enjoy all that life has to offer. For this reason, soul loss is frequently the spiritual root cause of conditions like depression, anxiety and addiction.

Through the process of soul retrieval, it’s possible to restore those soul fragments to you, and with them, to return those gifts you forgot about. Gifts like courage, self-confidence, self-love, sensuality, joy, ambition, fun and adventure.

Of all the healing ceremonies in a shamanic practitioner’s repertoire, soul retrieval is the most empowering and transformative because it restores to you your own power.

What Happens in a Soul Retrieval Session?

On your behalf, I will journey into the Otherworld to find your missing soul fragments.

When I find a soul fragment, the Spirits usually show me the aftermath of the traumatic incident (pain, grief, numbness) and when it happened, I am not, however, shown the incident itself.

I am not clairvoyant and have asked the Spirits not to show me this, so you may feel comfortable that I don’t see your secrets in any way.

Once I discover your soul fragments, I return them to your body along with the gifts they carry.

Soul retrieval work usually includes an extraction and I will also seek a power animal for you. I find that these supporting ceremonies help the returning soul to better integrate with your body and for your energy to ground more gently.