Sometimes it’s good to get guidance

Spiritual Coaching

The Spirits always bring a different perspective to whatever we may be dealing with in our lives.

Unlike traditional western coaching, this is not about your sharing your situation with me, you are sharing your situation with the Spirits through me, and the information that is shared, whether it be advice, teachings or a different view of the situation, comes from them.

These conversations are often around next steps in one’s spiritual journey or the meaning of dreams, experiences and visions.

Walking a spiritual path can sometimes feel lonely, it’s important for all of us to understand that we are not alone. While this kind of session is not talk therapy and should never replace talk therapy, it can be enlightening and affirming to add a spiritual perspective to your current healing journey.

Spiritual coaching sessions are done virtually over zoom and initial sessions are 75 minutes (subsequent sessions are 60 minutes).

All appointments may be booked directly by emailing Kim at