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How to prepare for shamanic healing

Wondering how to prepare for shamanic healing? Read on…

I have one very strict rule: No alcohol or recreational drugs at least 48 hours before your session. Even if it’s virtual, no alcohol, no recreational drugs. 

Once we have scheduled your appointment, here’s how to prepare for shamanic healing before and on the day of your session:

  1. Set your intent. I’d recommend a small prayer to whomever you pray to, to ask for the healing you need, and for old wounds to be released with grace and ease. This will help your body prepare for the integration of the power we are going to return to you. Some may pray once, others will pray every night leading up to their session; that is up to you.


  1. Be aware of dreams and synchronicities that happen around you. Sometimes, many of the questions we have that motivated us to schedule a healing session are answered by the spirits through dreams and signs beforehand. By scheduling a session, you signaling to the spirits that you are ready for the healing to begin, and they don’t always wait for the session! This is a wonderful part of shamanic healing. If you’ve experienced dreams or signs, we will discuss them at your session.


  1. The day of your session, make sure you’ve cleared time in your calendar so that you are not rushing from or back to work. A clear head is important. You will want to have space after the healing to be alone (or with loved ones); this will help the energy to integrate, and help you process the healing mentally and emotionally.


  1. For the session itself, wear comfortable clothing. If I am seeing you in person in Scotland, I will ask you to remove your shoes when you arrive, as these sessions take place in my home.

If not knowing how to prepare for shamanic healing worries you, let me put your mind at ease. As long as you refrain from drugs and alcohol and show up with an open mind, I will walk you through the rest!

Questions About Your Session?

If you already booked a session, feel free to email me directly or through this form if you have additional questions. If you haven’t booked an appointment yet, but are ready to start your healing journey, use this form to contact me…