What is Shamanism & Other FAQs?


If you’ve booked, or are thinking of booking, your soul retrieval or any of the services we offer, chances are, you have questions.

Below are the most common questions I get about shamanic healing services…

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a spiritual practice that has been around for tens of thousands of years, within every culture, and its purpose is to bring healing to our communities.

Are you First Nations (Canadian)?

I am not First Nations.

Do you offer Indigenous (Canadian) ceremonies or healing?

I do not offer Indigenous ceremonies or healing.

I am Indigenous (Canadian). Will you charge me for healing work?

If you’re Indigenous, let me know, and I’ll help you free of charge, although you will provide the tobacco for the Spirits.

Do you practice magic, Wicca or witchcraft?

I am not a practicing witch or Wiccan, and I do not practice magic.

Are you clairvoyant?

I am not clairvoyant. Although images from past lives are sometimes shown to me during a session, and I do talk to and channel certain spirits, I can’t see your secrets, tell you your future, give you winning lottery numbers or tell you if he’s going to call.

Can I drink alcohol or take (non-prescription) drugs before a healing?

I ask that all clients refrain from alcohol and recreational drugs for at least 48 hours before their session.

Can I see you if I’m menstruating?

Yes. If you feel unsure, call me and let’s talk about that (there may be some instances where you may wish to wait and I always encourage clients to trust their instinct.)

Can I see you if I’m pregnant?

If you are pregnant, you are already in the midst of the most sacred ceremony there is. There are healers who specialize in pregnancy (like doulas, for example), but I am not one of them. I would recommend you work with someone who specializes in pregnancy.

Do you work with children?

Yes! In fact, I love working with children. The healing sessions are different; much gentler, yet very powerful. I do insist that a caregiver be present at all times.

Do you do distance soul retrievals?

Any of the services I offer, including soul retrievals, can be done by distance. You see, I am not the healer; the spirits are the healers, and they can work on your no matter where you are. Distance is not an issue when you live in the Otherworld. The requirements for distance healing are the same in terms of drugs and alcohol, and the fees are the same too. It is important to recognize that distance healing is just as powerful, and the sessions are treated with the same respect and gravitas as if we were together in person.

Is there physical contact during an in-person session?

For shamanic healing, there is usually some contact, but there doesn’t have to be if that is your preference. The bottom line is that I want you to feel safe and in control of your healing.

Are you seeing clients in person during the Covid pandemic?

I am seeing clients in person as per North Ayrshire’s Covid-19 rules. Of course, things are changing daily, so you’ll want to check.

Are you available if I need to talk afterwards?

I am available to existing clients via email or a scheduled call. I do not respond to text messages or Facebook comments. If you send me a question, I endeavor to respond as soon as I can.

For clients who would like on-going guidance now and again, then I offer Spiritual counselling (coaching) by the hour.

If you are in an emergency situation or crisis, please call a medical professional or 9-1-1.

Should I see a shamanic practitioner if I am under medical care?

If you are currently under medical care for depression, addiction, trauma or anything else, you should speak with your medical professional first. Click here to read more about shamanic healing and if there are times when it should be approached with caution

Can shamanic healing sessions replace medical treatment?

Shamanic healing is never a replacement for medical treatment or advice. If you are currently in treatment, always seek the advice of your medical professional first before consulting with a shamanic practitioner.

Shamanic healing works best when it’s combined with your existing medical treatments provided your doctor approves. After all, this is about your being accountable to your healing, right? So think of it like this: All four of your health areas should be in balance: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental & Physical. Let’s do what it takes to be healthy in as many ways as possible.

Will I feel anything?

Every client is different. Some feel a sense of relaxation while others feel a strong tingling throughout their body as their power is restored to them.

How a person reacts to shamanic healing depends on what they’ve gone through, but this is generally a gentle procedure, and I adhere to the belief that the spirits only give us what we can handle in that moment.

Are there negative side effects?

When power is returned to a person, it can take time for that energy to ground.

Oftentimes, for the energy to ground, less healthy energy resulting from old wounds (physical or emotional) must first leave the body.

The process of healing old wounds feels similar to how we grieve, in that it’s common to feel fear and anxiety that graduates to tension and anger, before finally revealing (and releasing) the hurt that’s at the base of the wound.

Once this hurt is released, the new power will ground and the client will feel renewed and peaceful. You can read more about this process here…

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