Energy Balancing Treatments

Reduce Stress & Anxiety with Energy Balancing Treatments

Energy balancing treatments help you to silence your negative thoughts and work through your stress and anxiety in a gentle and spiritual way.

Life happens, but that doesn’t mean that you should feel swept up in every situation that comes your way.

Regular 50-minute energy balancing treatments can help you to stay grounded and calm, even during periods of stress and anxiety in your daily life. You can’t change what other people do, but you can change how you act – and react – to challenges in life as they present themselves.

This shamanic treatment is about unblocking energy so you can release the fear, shame or self-doubt that holds you back from progressing in your life, and reclaim your peace and tranquillity.

What happens in an energy balancing treatment?

Clients will be fully clothed on a treatment table for the duration of the treatment. The session has two main components:
1. Energy balancing and restoration treatment
2. Drum healing

The whole session takes 50 minutes.

How will I feel during my energy balancing treatments?

That depends on you, but most clients feel relaxed and peaceful. It’s quite common for clients to fall asleep on the treatment table or to have a wee cry if they need it.

This is not talk therapy, and there’s nothing you need to do during the session, so you may feel free to fully relax.

Think of it like a mini break in the middle of your busy week. This is your time to spend with the spirits that love and support you, and there’s no need for you to revisit difficult themes in your life if you don’t wish to. The spirits already know where you need healing, so you can relax in the safety of the quietly compassionate and supportive environment they create for you.

How often should I get energy balancing treatments?

During times of stress and anxiety, clients will often come in every two weeks, and once they’re feeling peaceful and grounded again, come see me one per month or once per quarter for energetic ‘tune ups’.

Many clients will do energy balancing treatments as a follow-up to soul retrieval work to help the soul power that’s been returned to them to integrate with grace and ease.

How do I prepare for my energy balancing treatments?

I ask that you not drink alcohol or take recreation drugs for at least 24 hours before your session.

Wear comfortable clothes to your session.

You may wish to eat before your session so you’re not distracted by hunger throughout and can truly relax.

Pay attention to what’s coming up for you emotionally and spiritually in the days before your session.